Calendar Grouping Issue

Defect/Issue Description:
Can’t group events by owner.


  • API Version: V2
  • Release: Edinburgh
  • Release version: 16.0.2
  • Platform: SFX

Brief Summary of the Defect/Issue:

Unable to get events grouped by ownerid in week and day views.

Action Performed:
Built page with grouping

Expected Result:
Failed to group

Actual Result:
No events in grouping

Additional Resources:

<skuid__page unsavedchangeswarning="yes" personalizationmode="server" showsidebar="true" showheader="true">
		<model id="Events" limit="20" query="true" createrowifnonefound="false" datasource="salesforce" sobject="Event">
				<field id="WhoId"/>
				<field id="Who.Name"/>
				<field id="Subject"/>
				<field id="WhatId"/>
				<field id="What.Name"/>
				<field id="StartDateTime"/>
				<field id="EndDateTime"/>
				<field id="ActivityDateTime"/>
				<field id="OwnerId"/>
				<field id="Owner.Name"/>
				<field id="IsAllDayEvent"/>
		<skuid__calendar uniqueid="sk-3Xvm-21754">
				<eventSource model="Events" eventTitleField="Subject" fieldtargetobjects="Calendar,User" name="Events" startField="ActivityDateTime" endField="EndDateTime" allDayField="IsAllDayEvent" color="#F2F3F2">
					<onClickEventActions interaction="onClickEventActions">
						<action type="showEventDetails"/>
					<onCreateActions interaction="onClickEventActions">
						<action type="showCreateEvent"/>
					<afterChangeActions interaction="onClickEventActions">
						<action type="showToast" duration="4" position="bl" message="Saving..."/>
						<action type="save" autogenerated="true">
								<model autogenerated="true">Events</model>
								<action type="blockUI" message="There was an error" timeout="3000"/>
						<action type="showToast" duration="4" position="bl" message="Saved"/>
				<view type="timeGridWeek" startTime="08:00:00" endTime="20:00:00" divisions="00:30:00" group="true" groupingModel="Events" unassignedLabel="Unassigned" groupingDisplayFormat="horizontal" name="Week" groupingTemplate="{{OwnerId}}" hideWeekends="true"/>
				<view type="timeGridDay" startTime="08:00:00" endTime="20:00:00" divisions="00:30:00" group="true" groupingModel="Events" unassignedLabel="Unassigned" groupingDisplayFormat="horizontal" name="Day" groupingTemplate="{{OwnerId}}"/>
			<renderConditions logictype="and"/>
		<styleitem type="background" bgtype="none"/>

Why is my XML not showing up properly. It’s there in my post when I edit it. @Rob_Hatch

Can you attempt to upload the XML as a file instead of just pasting it in the post?

Hey Pat and Rob, for now the best way to share XML is to put it in the code tags ```
Pat, hope you don’t mind, I updated your post so the XML shows up now.

For more details, please reference this discussion between me and myself:

There are two details to grouping that are a bit tricky.

  1. You have to configure grouping fields both in the Event Source property and in the View property. You had not done so in the Event Source…

  2. I’ve had strange results when grouping directly on reference fields like OwnerId. When I choose to group by Owner.Name it generally works. YMMV…