Calendar for Task due date

can you create a calendar with due date for tasks? When I define start date, I don’t see the due date field in Task object. I do see reminder date, but we need to show the actual due date

This is an interesting challenge.  It seems to be completely doable, but will require a little bit of creativity. 

1. The Due Date field in the task object is deceptively named “Activity Date”   The lable in the metadata is “Due Date Only”. 

2. The skuid calendar currently only works with Date Time fields.   (We’re working on that…)  The Activity Date field is just a date.  So in order to get this date to show on the calendar you’ll have to do some creative hackery.  I’m sure there are other means, but one idea is as follows: 

Set up two custom date time fields on the Activity object that are formulas reading the Activity Date and adding some arbitrary time to it.  these become your start date time field and your end date time fields that you can reference in your Skuid calendar.   Build a monthly calendar view using those fields and you have a date oriented task list. 

Let me know if it works… 

Rob, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately Salesforce does not let you create a custom field with formula using ActivityDate. It seems like we will have to wait until summer of this year: Is there any chance that Skuid calendar can handle dates earlier?

Dang, Double Dang!   Sorry about that. 

There have been other customer requests to make calendars work with Date only fields.  We’ll add your voice to the list. 
I can’t say with confidence whether we’ll beat out Salesforce or not…  But I think we will. 

Rob, thanks for the update. I will keep my fingers crossed that you guys will beat out SF

I just tried to setup a calendar for tasks also and realized this does not work.  I vote for being able to do this without a work around.  I think a lot of users would find creative use for this.  I also would like to see recurring events built in!  

David we feel your pain. But be patient for a few weeks.  The summer release of Salesforce will allow you to build formula fields on the Activity Due date.  Which means you can read its value into a formula-created date-time field and use it as the basis for your Skuid Task calendar.  We are eagerly anticipating this feature… 

Awesome ! Now we just need recurring events and the calendar component will win over native SF capability hands down. Been using CSS to make the month view auto resize with hover ability to expand and view details (Does not fill up the month view with large blocks). Added some custom fields to assign cal colors to users with multiple models to create personal, business, and other specific events all color coded. Did I say recurring events :slight_smile: Keep up the good work and the releases coming!

Certainly following this thread. I’ve got the same challenge. I, as well, wanted to get recurring tasks into calendar without too much custom hackery.

Right now, to get this to work decently well, I created two new custom fields called Start Time and End Time. By default, the date they  get comes from a workflow on create only from the activitydate field. The time is set 4-5pm on the Due Date field.

The Due Date (ActivityDate) field is still there and will only serve as such. It will not be used for the calendar, nor do I think it should. The time in which you do the tasks is not directly related to when it’s due. It’s only a marker in time.

The one tricky thing I don’t like about recurring tasks, is that you can’t reassign a task to someone else. My way around this will be to “clone” and delete the current task using a button called “Reassign” with a popup of simply the ownerid in a field rendered as a picklist with another button to execute the remaining logic.

I would probably have the workflow trigger on Create or Edit, since Due Dates change… otherwise this is an awesome solution!