Calendar event pop up redirecting to native UI

Hi there,

I am setting up a calendar including view, creation and edition of events… all this using the native Skuid native calendar component.

I see a behavior that does not seem right.  I have not been able to figure out why of the behavior and therefore remove/fix it.

Once the calendar renders I could click on an existing event to edit it.

Once I click on the event, the standard pop up (or custom pop up) comes up and Skuid immediately redirects me to the native Salesforce UI.

Is that normal?  I don’t think it is.

If so, how can I control/remove such behavior.  What I need is the pop up to comes up then edit the event and save it (including closing the pop up).

Any pointers will be appreciated.



Sorted - it is all in the Event template - use triple {{{ instead of double {{ - mustache syntax.