Calendar days are off

I just created a calendar and every this is working great but all the events that are “All day events” and “Recurring Event” show on the calendar on the previous day. See my image below:

Paid Day off is suppose to be on the 4th of July not the 3rd of July. Can anyone please help with this?


-Adam N

Could be a time zone issue. Can you check that the time zone for your account matches the organization time zone?

We also had the same thing happening.
When you have a Timezone lower than UTC +0 (e.g. UTC-1 up to UTC-12) the start/enddate will get switched to the previous day. One ugly way to display them right is to update all event entries which have the flag IsAllDayEvent set to true with a javascript snippet.

Alternatively you could use the workarround explained in this problem to alter the time a few hours, so the compensation of UTC time would not kick you back to the day before.

Hope this helps

Do you know what the Javascript snippet is?

I don’t have a JS at hand for this, but one solution would be to loop trough your model and change start and enddate for records that have the IsAllDayEvent ticked. But i have to say this is slow and not the ideal solution