Calendar Component with Equal Start and End Date Time

I am playing around with the calendar component and am noticing some interesting behavior, I am hoping someone can help brainstorm how to get the calendar component to work with my use case.

I have a custom Date/Time field on the account level that is essentially the same as a task due date for a particular account. I would like a calendar display of this Date/Time field across a user’s accounts.
The month view for this works perfectly, everything is displayed on the correct day and the information necessary to display is visible.

The week view is displaying the data at the correct day and time (see the small blue lines), but not all of the information necessary is visible. I realize this is because the field is just one time, not expanding over an hour, but I am hoping to customize the view to expand and show more fields possibly through rendering a snippet.

The day view is showing all of the data for that day, but is grouping them all on one side, rather than at the correct times (this worked for the week view so I am not sure why it wouldn’t work for the day scheduling view).

Any help/resources figuring out either the week view issue or the day view issue would be greatly appreciated!

Is this set up through google? What is your start field and what is your end field? How is your end field being calculated? I ask because the week view seems to dynamically show the space defined by the time. A one hour block of time would be twice as long as a thirty minute block. I’m wondering if yours is showing up as lines because maybe it’s only being defined as one minute or two minutes.

Also, what version of skuid are you using?

Hi Stephen, Thank you for the reply
This particular event source is only based on a salesforce account model. The start and end field are the same value BDR_Next_Step_Date_Time__c.
I think this is exactly why the week view is showing up as lines. I would like the week view to not dynamically show the space defined by the time but instead display dynamically by the event display template, because it is essentially a reminder not an hour long event. Could this be achieved through a rendering snippet? 
Using version 8.15.15 of Skuid. 

Since BDR_Next_Step_Date_Time__c has been built in salesforce, could you create a field in salesforce that is defined by BDR_Next_Step_Date_Time__c in a formula. Something like BDR_Next_Step_Date_Time__c + 60 minutes (however long you want the object to be) = BDR_Next_Step_Date_Time_additional_gap__c. –> or something like that. Then you could put that as the end field.

That wouldn’t require rendering a snippet with custom code.

Yes, that would work for the week view. However ideally we would not have a salesforce fields on our account soley for one Skuid component :slight_smile: Any update on being able to create a formula like that in a UI only field?