calendar component not respecting date range boundary conditions for currently visible month, week,

According to Zach McElrath’s comment at the bottom of this post, the calendar component should query my event source models “after applying appropriate boundary Conditions on the StartDateTime and EndDateTime fields (e.g. so that only Event records for the currently visible Month / Week / Day will be pulled in)”…as long as I uncheck “Load Model on Page Load” and query my event source models through an action on the page.

However, I am currently loading my models through an action on the page (not on page load) and yet my calendar component is not respecting the boundary conditions of the currently visible month, week, day.

I’m getting an Apex Heap size too Large error message, unless I manually apply some conditions to the event source models which can be set through a filter set button.

Doable, but this creates a less-than-ideal UX where the user has to filter the date range of the model(s), in addition to setting the currently visible month, week, day.

You certain that the SOQL is malformed? Could it be that there are that many records in the model after the action post page load? Check the console for SOQL.

Could be that one of the other conditions isn’t set.

Do you have any other conditions on the associated models? I’d set the model limit to 1 so you can subsequently load the page in order to view the SOQL

Hmmmm…tried that but not seeing anything in the console…