Calendar component for the mobile page builder?

Is there no calendar component for the mobile page builder? 

It is essential that our users can interact with events on a calendar from their mobile devices. 

Users can interact with events,  but not in a calendar.   We reccomend that you build a simple list of events using our deck, and then use actions to open an event detail panel where all the information about an event can be managed.  

That’s all we got right now.  Sorry.

Are there any plans to make a mobile layout for a skuid calendar?

Its on our list of things we know we need to tackle, but have not gotten started on…  Sorry. 

I tried to add a calendar component using a lightning component but had no joy?

I used the workaround ie added a lightning component (markup://flexipage:recentItems) and then in the xml changed the component to

mvc__calendarcomponent … and also tried calendarcomponent

Any tips as we really need a calendar on the application?