Calculate Age with UI only field

I’m trying to calculate age based on today minus date of birth in a UI only field but I’m not having luck getting the correct result I do get a result, but it is huge. I have tried assuming graduations of days, hours, minutes, and even seconds, but the number is still way too large. Anyone have ideas of how I would formulate this in UI only?

Javascript calculates dates in milliseconds… 

ah… thanks…

Just thought I’d post the formula to calculate someones current age based on their birth date.

FLOOR((TODAY() - {{BirthDate__c}})/ (365*3600 * 24 * 1000))

Thanks for posting this Bill. 

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The Officially correct answer to calculate someones current age based on their birth date is:

FLOOR((TODAY() - {{BirthDate__c}})/ (365*3600 * 24 * 1000))

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