Cached resources get used across different communities

Defect/Issue Description:
When a user from one community log in, Skuid will load any necessary (highcharts, information about the site, REST resource) resources and it will get cached.

Then the same user may using the same browser/instance, adjust the URL for different community and log into it. They may or may not log out of the previous community, it does not impact the outcome as far as i can tell.

When using the 2nd community it may crash any time Skuid tries to retrieve some resource. I assume this is due to Skuid caching site information from previous community. And then it uses that cached information to create a link to those resources.

The error thrown:
Error: Timeout: /<Community 1>/resource/<Resource Id>/skuid__next/js/models/RESTDataSourceUtils.js

Also note, this error is thrown instantly (not even a sec) once the page attempts to load.

Furthermore, (not crash) but it becomes impossible to create a valid log out url, as it has to folow the following format: {{$Site.baseUrl}}/secur/logout.jsp?retUrl={{$Site.Prefix}}. I have not been able to find another way to retrieve site’s prefix or information on the site the user is using besides {{$Site.Prefix}} (a.k.a.

Note: I have consistently been able to create that info inside is for previous community, but I haven’t been able to consistently recreate the crashes.


  • API Version: v2
  • Release: Chicago
  • Release version: 14.4.11
  • Platform: Salesforce

Action Performed:

  1. Log into some site.
  2. From console check
  3. Log out
  4. Log into different community
  5. From console check

The steps above recreate the issue of where the information in the stated object is incorrect. It does not re-create the crashing. I’m not sure what is the additional step(s) to cause the crashes but one of the steps is to go to a page that loads REST resource or Highchart object. And, then also go similar page in the other community.

Expected Result:
After logging into 2nd community i would expect the object to contain information about 2nd community.

Actual Result:
The object contains information about 1st community.


Can anyone confirm this issue, know the cause, or what a workaround could look like?

Thank you,