Buttons to Apply Filters and Clear Filters all at once

This is something that is definitely needed. We purchased Skuid so we could migrate from our existing edit grid, which was clunky for other reason; however, it’s a huge loss in functionality for use to not be able to multi select filters. Another thing that’s really needed for us is to be able to “Apply Filters”. We have several filters and for us to have to wait through applying each filter to be able to select the next one is also a bit clunky. Perhaps I need to create a new Idea for that one! I’m adding a view of how our current option to multi-select looks. Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Multi-select Filters on Tables topic.

Here is a screenshot Krystal originally included:

Hey Zach, What release is this planned for? Pat

This was released in Superbank.

These are conditional rendered. Other than inline js, is there any other way to not have them conditionally render?

No, not currently. 

I ask because filters can store cookies and load with selected values. This is the case with a client where there users like the choices made but often would like to clear the filters after page load.

So, just to be clear as I would like to have this, the “Clear All” filters button is yet to be implemented. Once more than one filter is applied, there is no option clear them all with one button.

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.  This is such a great idea.

Great Idea.

Yes we also need that feature. So our users can easily Clear all filters using single click instead of removing filter one by one.

Just create a button using the action frame work to reset the default date filters.