Button in deck

Hi everybody,
we started using Skuid a little bit more, recently, and we are finding a problem using the decks.

As you can see from the image our first deck is based on tasks.

The one nested in shows the only lead connected to that task, that is the one that we need to use to get information.

If we create a button to change the lead status on the deck, it changes the status of all the leads in the model, and not only of the deck that we were into.

This happens in both decks, I mean, we can add the button to the exterior deck, or to the nested in deck, but it changes the status to all the decks of the model, and not just of the one were I clicked on the button to change the status.

This happens even if in the action “update field of model” the option Rows to use -> Rows in context has been chosen.

Anyone had a problem like this, or could give us any help on solving this??

Thanks a lot


Hi Giovanni,

Try putting the button to update the lead status inside the lead deck, and then check the context property tab of the component the button is in and add a context condition.



Hi, I trying to do the same with Navigation Components but there isn’t the possibility to set the context. Any idea?

Hmm, can you give a little more information about your use case and what you want to do? The navigation component doesn’t have the option for context conditions because it isn’t data reliant like the button component, but there might still be a way to do what you want.

You can create “context” by creating a model specifically to identify a record or records you want to use as context using conditions. Mark the conditions filterable default on or off depending on need. You can use the nav component to activate/deactivate the conditions and requery the model. You can even activate and set value of a condition. So the first actions of your navigation item press/click will be to create context which you can then apply to the remaining actions in your action sequence.