Button Displayed in Salesforce List View

I have a button that is only displayed on the list view of Salesforce. How do I use that button with in a table in Skuid? Right now I can only use Salesforce buttons that are located on the object record and not the list view.

What does the button do? It might be fairly simple to replicate in skuid as a mass action on a table.

Moshe is right, you are going to need to recreate the function of the button.  Does it redirect to a new page?  Create a redirect action - including necessary URL parameters if needed.  Does it make a call to an external app you installed from the app exchange?  You will need to figure out how that call is made in the rendered page and recreate it in Skuid.  ( see several forum posts on the topic of including VisualForce pages in pages, etc)  You should be able to get it done. 

It is a OnClick JavaScript button. I didn’t write the code, but I tried to just copy and paste the code over to an inline javascript snippet in Skuid and then use the table mass action feature to reference the javascript, but that didn’t work. Any ideas?

Can you paste the javascript here, we can probably rewrite it in a skuidable way.

Thanks for the offer, but I kept looking around and I found this post below and it helped me work through it.