Button Actions - update field on row is not working

I am doing update a field on row action on button action.The changes are reflecting in the UI but they are not actually saving back to database. When u refresh the page the values are setting back to blank. I checked from workbench the fields are not actually getting updated back to database . Am i missing something while giving actions on Button

Hi Raj

I don’t see a model save action?

Add a model save action and then check your results again.  

Thanks Gregg, i missed this , but  i am getting Invalid Reference Id: User Evaluated Contact Information … i am trying to give current user as lookup value for the field using {{$Model.RunningUser.data.0.Id}}  where RunningUser is a model with condition to get current user

Hi Gregg,

  this worked well , i have changed  {{$Model.RunningUser.data.0.Id}} to {{{$Model.RunningUser.data.0.Id}}} this is working… Thanks a lot

Yes that will work. Didn’t see your second part. It’s a pleasure.