Building a page and it went blank after I saved it

So I have been working on a page all morning and after a slight adjustment I saved my work to preview it (been doing this all morning) and the page went blank. I refreshed the page a half a dozen times. Logged out of SF and then back in-- no change. Cloned the page thinking it would come back-- no change. How do I get my page back??? This is what it looks like…

Ooh that stinks.

You can use the page version tool accessible from your pages list. Go back a vew versions and you should get the page back.

No I tried that too. Went back to the very first save still nothing showed up.

Hi Megan,

Just a quick suggestion, can you click “F12” and look at the console. May be there are any issues in the page?
This actually happened to me earlier, got it fixed.


Not sure what that means or how to fix.

Looks like you are having some issues in the java-script snippet.

This page didnt have any java-script snippets… 

So,  here are some instructions for more invasive surgery. 

1. Copy the Page ID from the url of your page.  Looks like it is A06I…
2. Open another page in the builder (or create a new one) and then go tot he XML editor for that page. 
3. Replace the page ID in the URL for that page with what you copied in step 1.  This gets you to the code behind a page. 

I’d start by copying the xml to a text file on your computer so you have a backup.  

You can expand and collapse the XML code using grey arrows immediately to the right of the line numbers.

The typical page has three parts.  Models, Components and REsources.  You need to find the resources.  Start removing one javascript resource at a time until the page starts working again.  Be careful to remove the opening and closing lines of the XML structure.  If you see a red error at the top right,  you have removed too much or not enough.  (The backup is your friend). 

Sorry for this trouble…

Do you know what caused this error so I dont do it again?