Build a search feature to navigate to other records in the same object using Action Framework

My organization had implemented the java snippet from this post and we needed to expand the search feature. I was having a hard time with the code so I tried to tackle it through the action frame work. So far it has worked out well. I hope this can help someone out.

Objective: To be able to change to different item page within an item page.

  1. Create a new object. I entitled mine “Item_Master_Lookup”. You can call it whatever you want.

  2. Create only one field. A Master-Detail field to the object that has the data you want to look up. In my case the Master-Detail relationship is associated with the Item_Master object.

  3. Go to your Skuid page where you create two models:

  4. ItemMaster - this is the object we are looking up to (it may already exist if this is an existing page)

  5. ItemMasterLookup - this is connected to the object we just created.

  6. The ItemMasterLookup model should only have the “Create default row if Model has none” checked

  1. ItemMasterLookup Fields: Select the field that you created and the ID field

  2. ItemMasterLookup Actions:

  3. Initiating event is “Row in Model updated”. choose the only available field for the update.

  4. Actions:

-Save Model changes of the ItemMasterLookup model ; Redirect to the URL of the page. For me it is the ItemMaster page.;
-Mark the row that you created for deletion
(we don’t want to save any info to the ItemMasterLookup model we are just using it as a lookup);
-Save Model changes again on the ItemMasterLookup (to delete the record);

  1. Drag a field editor onto your page. You only need one column for the editor and no buttons.
    Connect it to the ItemMasterLookup model ; Default mode: Edit

  2. Drop the one field you created in the ItemMasterLookup model in the field editor. Rename the field whatever you want. I called it Change Item because it directs you to a new item page.

  1. Now you can add some extended search functionality Click on Search from the field editor. Remember any new search terms that you want to add they have to be included in your model.

  2. Save your changes

  3. Preview your page

  4. You now have a lookup on your page with extended search functionality that will direct you to another page.

Note: Make sure that you give all profiles full read/write/create access to the object you created.