Bug changing currency in multicurrency


I have a product in other currency than the Default:

STD 5,755,723,707.74 (EUR 237,331.07) 

If in Salesforce I change the currency to USD (for example)

USD 5,755,723,707.74 (EUR 4,649,605,748.26)

The Price quantity remains unchanged (as expected) and the Conversion to euros changed (as expected)

In my skuid page is not working as expected:

STD 5,755,723,707.74 (EUR 237,331.07)

If I change the currency to USD:

USD 293,790.95 (EUR 237,331.07)

Skuid is respecting the converted price not the real one!!!

Thanks for reporting this Pablo.  We are looking into the matter.


We have resolved this in patch 5.21.6 of Skuid Summer 14, which is now available on the Skuid Releases page, and which will be pushed to all orgs on 5.21.x this weekend.