Brooklyn Issue -- Page Redirect Occurs On Page Load

A page that has been working in prior releases has all of a sudden stopped working when upgrading to brooklyn.  The page loads then immediatly redirects to "". Which implies to me that it is trying to redirect to the record created before the executing action occurs.  In a full working page, we redirect to a record via javascript due to other logic within the page. It occurs in both Winter 17 and Spring 17 enviroments 

Has anyone else seen this issue?  

Hi rensley,

It sounds like the order of actions in your script might have something to do with the behavior you’re seeing; as though the redirect is pointing to a temporary ID#, or something like that. Can you provide any more detail about what the script is doing? Is the user supposed to be brought to a record detail page for a new record that was just created on the previous page? 

The page itself is a wizard. The script is executed via button click on the last page of the wizard itself. Along with redirecting the page, it calls a apex remote method. This has been running in our produciton org since August without issue. 

I see. Does the record end up getting created, and it’s the redirect that’s failing, or is there a problem with the record being saved?

It occurs as soon as the user lands on the page. The page itself is for record creation.

It looks like this question can be marked Resolved with the most recent Skuid release.