Brooklyn iFrame Bug

In Brooklyn, an iFrame embedded in a template field is not rendering correctly. I have the width set to 100% and the height to 500 px, and the frame is rendering much smaller.

Could you post your iFrame html?

<iframe src="[WebAddress]/apex/ATT_EXP__ViewAll?id={{$}}&amp;folder={{#encodeUrl}}{{$}}{{/encodeUrl}}&amp;parentfield=Ticket__c&amp;listfields=&amp;maxsize=&amp;storageprofile=default&amp;createfields=&amp;showfieldsonupdate=true" width="100%" height="500px" frameborder=0/>

I had a similar issue where my iFrames stopped working, and I fixed it by selecting ‘Allow HTML.’

I don’t always know how many { }'s to put in there when it’s inside of quotes. You could try throwing on an extra set.

I have ‘Allow HTML’ enabled, but the ifames still are not sized correctly. Maybe this will be fixed over time.