Brooklyn Deck Background question

Love Brooklyn … I have set up a page using a deck for accounts - I would like to alter the background of each card based on a image or color that varies on a field value, (Similar to how a calendar background can be varied. I have created a url field with the image I would like to use as a background each time … I have enclosed the deck in a wrapper and selected the url field as the image source but it wont work. I can drop the actual url into the wrapper background image url box and it works well… it just lift it from a field value (to make it variable) - although there is a selection box for field there.

You might have to do something like this:

Thanks Raymond… I had read through that post and it wasnt a fix. Brooklyn does allow you to select a url field for the background image and I have done thata - it just doesnt display the url from the field. If I drop the url manually into the background area it works ok. Just wont pull the record value

Anyone else found this issue or a fix?

Even I’ve encountered the same issue. Please suggest me solution if you have already found one.

Not yet 

Hi guys,

I’ve logged this issue with our developers, and we’ll let you guys know when this is fixed in a future release.

Hi Amy,

Is there any update on this?