integration - How to use skuid with salesforce and

We’ve been long time users of and sfdc. We’ve used the box integration with salesforce however there’s always the challenge of having to let everyone have access to the root “salesforce” folder in In addition, being able to access folders was somewhat clunky as you always had to go back to the “Account” record in salesforce if you wanted to have an sort of consistent file structure.

We found skuid to be a great solution with some added functionality.

  1. create a field in the sfdc object record to store the url for the box item (collaborator only view) called BoxFolder__c
  2. copy and paste the box link into the field.
  3. add a tab to your table in your skuid view
  4. add a template component to the tab
  5. Select your primary object as your model
  6. For template, enter
  7. Then save

This allows us to quickly reference other folders in box throughout salesforce because it’s easy enough to add hidden fields to object records. Want to add a sales library or marketing library for quick access, easy.

Best of all you can prevent users from accessing folders in box that you don’t want them to have access to.

Thanks for sharing this.  This is a great solution. 

if you have the package installed, you can use this method:

For those of you looking for a solution for, I used this post as a template to create the following code. Replace “Contact” with the name of your object. Add a template component to your Skuid page and paste the code in. Worked like a charm.