Bonzai REST API Documentation

We need the ability to create UI elements (drop down menus, check boxes, radio buttons) that would modify the REST call query string… I don’t see a way to do that.

Do you have detailed documentation? Or ways for us to update / add query params on to the REST API calls made from a (table say) based upon other information (from UI elements as stated above etc…)?

Need detailed documentation as to the capabilities of the Bonzai REST API configuration / feature function.

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Here is the tutorial on passing a value into a REST call query string:

Now,  how do you get the data to pass into that string?  Well,  in about any way you want.  That’s probably why its not documented. 

We often use what we call “the arbitrary filter” model here.  You create a UI only field that has your filter values.  Create a drop down box on that field, and then pass the value selected into your REST model query string and requery the REST model. 

You can also use a table of values from one model be the items availalbe.  Build a row action that passes the row’s value into the condition set up on the REST model, and … 

Or expose a lookup field on the parent object so that the user can select a single entry from the table above.  Then add a model action that whenever the field is updated,  its value is passed into the condition and…

The example linked in this discussion uses a chart slice to pass values…

And yes.  These need to be better documented. 

Is there a way for us to pass the Salesforce token and validate that token from our API Service on Heroku?

Alan, I’d really like to know if you’ve made any progress on connecting Skuid’s API with Heroku? Bumping this old thread up to see if I can get in touch and pick alanhuffman’s brain a little on this topic.

I’ve made a lengthy post explaining my interest on this subject here:

Rob, any new thoughts you’re able to add? Especially in regards to integrating Wordpress’ own API with Skuid (maybe using Heroku as a bridge?)

Thank you both.

Roman, the link to your lengthy post is leading me right back here. Where can I find it?

found it!…

Glad you found that old thread Shmuel. A year later and connecting Skuid’s REST API’s with Heroku is still something I want to explore more deeply than I’ve had the time to unfortunately.

Please do share any findings.

any updates on this?