Block out time in calendar and multiple views of the same type

Hey team!

First project in a while so I might just be a bit rusty. Crawled the forums for this without success:

1) I am using a calendar for a booking system and would like to “block out” times during the day (every day form 10am to 11.30am and from 1pm to 3pm). I was hoping to be able to achieve this with “valid date range” and a UI only model and fields, however it doesn’t let me define time only. My best workaround would be to dataload fake appointment records of a new type “blocktime”, inserting it as a separate event source and displaying it in a different colour. My ideal scenario however involves validation rules so that if a user attempts to manually set an appointment time in the “break”, it prevents it from creation. Or something fancy like a UI model that on the fly creates temporary UI only records (2 for each day that is displayed for their corresponding break times) but my coding skills are far too weak for this :-/

Any thoughts? Appreciate any pointers in the right direction!

2) I am using Month, Week and Day Scheduling views. I would like to add a second Week view with different divisions per hour. So I have 1 week view with 2 divisions and 1 week view with 4 divisions. I can set up the view and the parameters, however even though they show up correctly in the xml as well as as separate options in the calendar, both week views have the same settings (using the number of divisions per hour of the view that was added first). I am unable to rename the views.

Is this a current limitation of 11.1.13?

Many thanks!



30+ hours further in, I have created a somewhat ugly workaround (I created a real model with datetime and formula fields for the breaks of the upcoming month). Limitation is that I need 2 separate event sources for each workday of the month, which tops out the queries and prevents the page from loading.

Any help is still greatly appreciate.

Furthermore, is the point 2) I raised an actual limitation in the current version or am I missing something?

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