Blank Skuid page with slow load time

I have a page that takes a long time to load. It is a big page, but I have tried to optimize with page includes and lazy loads… etc… I went through the tutorial on this post (which was really helpful). I created a clone of my page for testing and removed JS and CSS. It didn’t help. I then removed all models just to see what it would do… it did speed up the load time, but it was still taking a long time. I then removed all components. So now it is basically a blank page and it is still taking over 5 seconds to load. It isn’t my internet speed.
I reviewed the network logs when loading my fully functional page. It took about 18 seconds. Screenshots of the network logs are attached. Anyone have any idea why these things are taking so long to load?

I’m glad the tutorial was helpful.

Can you post the XML of the page without models and components? Is it only on this one page or is it on all pages? When did you start seeing the speed slow? Was it upon an upgrade or anything you know of?