Blank screen on first page load

Ok, Glenn.

I was able to recreate the issue in our Demo org. At first I couldn’t because of two issues. I only get this problem when the “Serve Static Resources from the Visualforce Domain” critical update is enabled. Also, when I had a Skuid page load as a Home Page component I couldn’t replicate the issue either.

A quick (hacky) workaround would be to have your home pages load in something that used Skuid.

Another workaround for now would be to disable that critical update. (It shows I still have 51 days before it will be automatically applied.)

We’ll keep looking at this issue and possibly raise a case with Salesforce.

Good spot, mate. That makes sense re the critical update. In our production org, the critical update is activated and I consistently get the failure. In our demo org it’s deactivated and I don’t get the failure. I then went to the production org, deactivated the critical update, retested and I don’t get the failure anymore. So that gives us a 50 day window.

As for your workaround, PractiFI loads a Visualforce page with a Skuid page by default, bypassing the Salesforce home page, so that probably won’t work for us.

Thanks for your help Ben & Rob. Keen to hear how you get on with it from here. 

Thanks Glenn. 

Quick Update on this…

I found this “known issue” that looks to be quite related to what we’re seeing here. Feel free to  click “This issue affects me”.

Another quick update on this issue. I’ve been working with Salesforce support on this and we finally have a “known issue” that relates to this issue. Another update is that the enforcement of this critical update has been delayed until the Spring 16 release.

Here’s the link to the known issue.

Feel free to click the “This issue affects me” button in the issue.

Any update on this? We’ve experienced it from time to time and its particularly frustrating when the first thing a new trial user sees after logging in is a blank screen. I understand it’s a SF issue, but any advancements? 

Is there a way to display a message “behind” the Skuid page if it doesn’t load? That way we could say “Please refresh your browser”. I’m thinking similarly to how some ads show text behind the ad if you’re running adblocker.

For now the resolution is to not have the “Serve Static Resources from Visualforce Domain” Critical update applied. They’ve extended forcing that critical update until the Spring 16 release. Word is they’ll have it fixed by then.

When you first log into the app, the first screen is blank and requires a refresh. The update is deactivated. 

Interesting, I’ve never seen this issue before with the update deactivated. Are you getting any javascript error in the console that first time? If so, can you post a screenshot?

Disregard above. Apparently I somehow enabled this update in my TSO but not my development orgs. The update WAS enabled in this org. I have disabled it from my TSO so hopefully future trial templates will not have the same issue. 

Ok, great! Please let me know if you’re still seeing this issue in an org with “Serve Static Resources from Visualforce Domain” turned off.

So I made sure that my TSO had the critical update disabled and created a new trial template. However, this new template has the loading issue, and does not give me an option to disable this update. In fact, it doesn’t even show up under critical updates. Any ideas on how to disable this in new trials? I would think that if my trial source org had it disabled, it would be disabled in new trials too.

Screen on the left is my TSO, screen on the right is a trial created from it. I deactivated both of those updates today, maybe the static resource one takes longer to register on SF’s back end?

Interesting, I would think that the status of critical updates would carry through to newly created trials. I have seen some brand new orgs that don’t have certain critical update options at all. I think Salesforce support might be able to deactivate those critical updates even if they don’t show up in the UI.

I created a case with Salesforce partner support about this and here was their response:

“Trialforce will not pick this up because it is a critical update and will eventually get turned on. I suggest you work with your technical evangelist, Tim, to fix this in your application”

Of course not at all helpful. I will reach out to the technical evangelist and see what they have to say, but I’m assuming there hasn’t been any solution from Salesforce yet.

Well that’s obnoxious, because that Critical Update has been delayed for 3+ releases because of bugs with it.

Right. Are we the only ones with this issue in Trialforce? Any other ISVs have this problem?

@Ben - this is marked solved but it looks like the Critical Update is going to be forced live in my production org in 31 days.  1/7/16.  What do we do at that point?

@John, I’ll reach out to my contact at Salesforce and see if they’re making any progress on this. FYI in my experience, those dates on critical updates are never right. It will get to “0 Days” and just stay there until the next Major Update. If anything happens, it will happen when you get Spring 16 installed on your SF instance, so you have quite a bit more time than 31 days.