Blank Field Value on Display

Since upgrading we are seeing the following behavior. We use the service console so I am not sure if it is console related or not because this is an intermittent problem. We have a field on an object that is a lookup field. A user creates a record, selects the proper Account, the field is filled in, the record saved and in the SKUID page we see the value. Problem is that I have another user that views that record in the console and that field is blank. They don’t see the value. If they simply re-load the page then the value magically appears. So we have the record in view mode on 2 computers side by side and 1 has the value and the other does not. It is not a matter of timing as the value was populated a day ago. When we inspect the element on the machine that the value does not exist, that nx field is blank??? It’s like the value is not being sent to the browser but very hit or miss. Inspecting the other record in fact shows us the value. 

Not sure if this is related or not but we use some code to populate the console TABS with a “Report Number”. This works 99% of the time but we are also seeing that in some cases we get a “External Page” in the tab. This tells me that the value is not being passed to the console and so the default “External Page” is used by SF. Refreshing the browser will also clear this problem and populate the tab.

Looking for a starting point as this did not start happening until we upgraded production to the latest SKUID version and because it is so intermittent, we did not see it in Sandbox.