best way to determine what params a page asks for?

I have a custom object with a lookup field to skuid__Page__c. What is the best way to access the url params that the page looks for? From the pagelist, when we preview a page that has params, it shows a nice popup with lookup fields for the params. Any way I can replicate just that popup? Or even better, just get the names of the params and dump them into a field?

Well, this may not be the most efficient, and it is certainly risk-prone if someone starts hacking XML, but’ve successfully used this inline script to update a ui-only field with the value of the first url param on a page:

(function(skuid){<br>var $ = skuid.$;<br>$(document.body).one('pageload',function(){<br>var docsModel = skuid.model.getModel('Documents');<br>$.each(docsModel.getRows(),function(i,row){<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;var layout = row.Page__r.skuid__Layout__c;<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;var startIndex = layout.indexOf('&lt;condition type="param" value=') + 31;<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;var endIndex = layout.indexOf(" ", startIndex) - 1;<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;var param1 = layout.substring(startIndex,endIndex);<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;docsModel.updateRow(row,{'Param1': param1});<br>});<br>});<br>})(skuid);

Anyone have a better way?