Best Practices to follow when building a page with more complex UI and lot of renderings, REST model


Is there any best practices list which could help design complex pages with REST models, with having more than 10 models and conditional renderings , wizards kind of stuff ?

No that I know of.

If you can break up your page with page includes to avoid it getting too large, that may be a good option, too, especially if you think you’ll ever want to reuse portions of the page elsewhere.

More than 10 models is pretty common in our neck of the woods. Namespacing your models and using long descriptive model names has been helpful for me.

People build such radically different pages that its really tough to provide best practices that are more meaningful than things like “make it load fast”  “don’t try to provide too much at once”  etc… 

Well, it make sense! when there is a chance we negotiate with business to try not to show much on tables for larger text areas or description and comments fields but only few critical info needed. 

Always, heap size issue haunting us at some point of time.