Best Practices for Multi-Developer Skuid Project

I am looking for information or experience that folks have with Skuid and multiple users/developers working on a common set of pages for a project.

I have used the Skuid features for copying and pasting XLM between pages and packaging pages as static resources.

However, I am looking for experience that folks might have had around the development process in which multiple Skuid developers are editing the same page(s) and deploying into a production environment for a customer.

Related, from my initial searches I havent found information around best practices for this or how Skuid works in general when multiple developers are editing the same Skuid page.

Any pointers or shared experiences would be much appreciated.


You could wait for the Rockaway release focusing on new features for developers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a solo developer, but I started losing track of my pages (which were live, which were in development, which were clones, which were experiements, etc…) It turns out that you can build your own Skuid page to display Skuid pages. And you can add fields to the Skuid pages object. I added several fields that I could filter and sort on, then build a Skuid page to display my Skuid pages in a table. You could use this method to “lock up” pages that another user is working on or display only pages assigned to the currently logged in user, etc…

Pat and Raymond, thanks for the prompt replies. Both are good to know and it helps me understand that in the short term we need some creative solutions like Raymond’s until Rockaway is available.


Hey Raymond, do you know if your approach will allow you to bring in object Metadata? I want to be able to see what Action Overrides are in place across all objects in a org.

I just made a post on this question, which might be a bit clearer:

I have not tried but I believe you can bring metadata into templates, so you should be able to display them in a Skuid page.

Hmm… Setting up all those templates would be a pain though, I was hoping for / would like a more declarative way of creating this - similar to the way you’ve built a Skuid page to display Skuid pages.

Thanks for getting back to me though.