Beginner Question: How do I Launch a Skuid Page from a Record

I have a skuid page built in Salesforce (my first one). I can’t figure out how to add a look up field to an object so I can render my table via the models.  I have the models build however I can’t figure out how to get one Account so I can then render the table with the children accounts.  I’ve seen screen shots from the old UI but I can’t figure out how to do this in the new UI.  So basically I want to enter an account, and then pull up all the children in a table.  If you want to take it step farther, my end goal right now is to be on an account or any object and click a button which would pull up a skuid page and show the related children.  I have the model and the table.  It’s the starting pieces I’m missing. 

I see two parts to your question.

  1. Building a detail page for one account that retrieves all children records.

Here the key will be having a model on account with a condition that only retrieves only one account where the Account Id = the URL parameter passed.

Then a second model on the child objecgts will retrieve children whose AccountId’s are the ID of the first model.

Then build out your page and hit preview. You will be asked for an account. Start typing, choose one and see how it looks.

  1. Second part: How to do I let my users get to this page.

There are lots of ways.

Hopefully that gets you started…