Banzai Update

I’m really excited about the Banzai update, but have a couple questions:

  1. I understand that Banzai currently isn’t a forced install. Is there a date that it will be forced to us?
  2. We don’t have a good sandbox to properly test the release in. If we update to Banzai and find that there are issues, is it possible to revert back to a previous version?
Thanks in advance - awesome work!

Hi Andrew,

1. In the next week or so we will be announcing a date for our Sandbox Push. A few weeks after that, we will announce our date for the Production Push. But you can always opt out whatever orgs you want from these pushes. That way, you’re in control of when you get the new releases. Instructions for opting your orgs out should be in the push announcement email.

2. Reverting managed packages in Salesforce is not currently possible. The only thing you can do is fully uninstall Skuid and then install the older version. A warning though, depending on how far you’ve gone with Skuid, this process can be a total pain, and I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend maybe getting a free dev org and testing some of your pages with Banzai installed, especially if you’re doing some complex stuff with heavy customization. It won’t be a perfect test, but you should be able to be pretty comfortable with how Banzai will affect your org.