Banzai Update 1 and 2

Hi, just want to get some info on what are the changes in release 7.12 and 7.16? Would be helpful to determine if the issues fixed are relevant to us. Many thanks :slight_smile:

I tried and  No notes were found :frowning:

Yes - we do owe you guys some notes on what changed for 7.12 and 7.16.   At the end of the day - we will be pushing orgs to the latest release,  so I’d encourage you to upgrade to the latest versions. 

We just updated the page with release notes for Banzai updates 1 through 4.

This is incredibly helpful, thank you!

+1 to Barry’s comment - a couple of weeks ago, a single line in a past release note helped saved me hours of pulling my hair out. I know it must suck to write release notes, but please pass on my thanks to whoever does it.