Banzai - Table and model configuration display anomalies

Here are a couple of screen shots that show some things that may not be as intended.

First, is what is shown when connecting to our service, DataDirect Cloud, which makes various data sources OData-compatible. When connecting via Lightning Connect, this is displayed as simply “Customers”, while here it’s “jdbcEntities.dbo.Customers”.

This screen shot shows a collision amongst various fields and labels when the External Object Name exceeds a particular length. Not the end of the world, but FYI.

Thanks for reporting this Greg, looks like you’re using Firefox, correct? Looks like we’re currently using some CSS that Firefox doesn’t support, but we’ll switch it to a more widely supported CSS rule.

Would the displaying of the external object name as “jdbcEntities.dbo.Customers” vs. just “Customers” be a function of CSS compatibility? 

No, this would be a difference in how Skuid implements OData support vs how Lightning Connect does it. As far as we have understood the OData spec, an OData endpoint’s metadata can return EntitySets in multiple namespaces, e.g. “”, “jdbcEntities.dbo.Customers”, so we’re trying to support the spec in its full flexibility. This may never happen in practice, which may be why Lightning Connect strips off all the namespace information, but… that’s the reason we’re doing it that way.