banzai mobile builder ignoring max divs

After updating to Banzai some mobile pages looked completely different with what appears to be fields everywhere regardless of max div design. After some testing I have found that this only happens when the model displayed only has 1 record. Whenever there is more records the max div property will be respected keeping the max number of divs for each card. But when the model only has one row the max number of divs will be ignored and the card will be displayed with as many divs that can fit on the screen. I’m not sure if this is by design and can’t find any setting that can change it. It is not working as previous releases so many pages look completely different and chaotic. If it is by design then I need to know how to bypass that setting. Otherwise it’s a bug that needs to be fixed. See attached image to illustrated the problem. You still have login access to the org and there is a test page named testGrid.

It seems not to be only on single record models. When resizing the window with many cards the number of divs in width will also change, sometimes to more than 4. Is there a way to enforce that the maximum number of divs is never exceeded?

same issue. Max divisions before wrap not being honored.

We are aware of this regression with the Mobile Composer, and are working to resolve it. We don’t have an immediate timeframe on release. As a temporary workaround, increasing the Min Width of your Divisions/Columns will help, but this is obviously not the same, which is why we’re working to fix the regression.

Unless you think that it will be a long time before this gets resolved I think we will have to live with strange looking layouts in some screen sizes. If it was just a few pages I could spend time on workarounds but it’s many places that would have to be changed and then changed back when it is resolved. So please keep me updated when you have figured out the cause of the problem and know the timefram for a solution.

Peter this should be included in our next patch release.  Hopefully sometime tomorrow. 

This has been resolved in Banzai Update 1, now available from the Skuid Releases page.