Banzai is here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the first publicly available Banzai Release Candidate! Get it here. For more information about all the new features and updates, head over to the release notes.

I am (almost) equally pleased to announce that we’ve also updated to reflect all the goodness of Banzai including an all new Styling Manual. You can find a list of the most important Banzai additions and updates here.

Enjoy!  And keep posting on the community if you have questions, run into bugs, or just want to go on and on about how much you love Banzai.

Woot!! Wooot!!!


Newbie alert - when I follow the “Get it here” link, I see the various package releases, including Banzai RC4. When I click on the “links” icon, I see choices to install into either a production org or a Sandbox org. Can this be installed into the free, individual dev accounts?  

Yup, just use the production link for dev orgs.

Really cool. Took me no time to build a branded header/footer in my sandbox org. Can’t wait to dive deeper.

I’m so glad we can now take complete control of the interface and do away with the Salesforce header altogether. Previously, all it would take was a stray click and a customer might inadvertently slip into a non-Skuidified page. Imagine the horror! We’ve lost many a good customer to a VisualForce page. We get them back, of course, but they’re never the same… Poor souls…

Ha!  That’s hilarous!  You should write that up on the App Exchange - or maybe not… Salesforce might think we are making fun of them… 

Just caught up by viewing the Banzai Launch Webinar, and I have to congratulate everyone at Skuid HQ on all of the work that’s gone into Banzai’s new functionalities. Genuinely had several “mind-blown” moments.

The timing of this release could not have been better for myself as a Salesforce Admin/Developer.
Our company is beginning to build out a Salesforce Community for our customers (Bespoke UX Design & Branding = check), and with that Community we’ll need to connect to Google Apps, as well as other internally- and externally-run databases (OData & Rest API Data Adapters = check & check!)

(Although admittedly, I’ll need to brush up on how exactly to implement the Data Adaptors)

The amount of creative control and technical empowerment that I feel as a Skuid + Salesforce developer is truly mind-boggling. Thanks for all your continued efforts into such an awesome product!

Thanks for your kind words!