Backing up skuid pages through static resources

I am using Eclipse, salesforce, Skuid, and git. In Skuid my project’s skuid pages were placed in modules. Each module was packaged to a “static” resource using the “Package Pages in Module” Skuid option. From Eclipse, if I refresh the project from server I can see those packages being downloaded to a folder called staticresources. Am I doing a backup of my skuid pages? Thanks in advance


In essence, a page pack can function as a backup of your skuid pages, yes.
If you package your pages, make some changes, and then unpack your pages from a page pack, all of your changes will be ‘removed’ (although page versions will still be saved).
Just be aware that each time you package your pages, your are overwriting your old page packs.

Do you know any external tool that could do this automatically? Thanks a lot! At least I know that I am backing up my Skuid pages through static resources

Skuid pages are data, so anything that backs up your salesforce data also backs up skuid pages.