AutoPopulate field's value from Object X to Object Y

Hi,my scneriao is, there is a custom field(eg.Data Sorce(Text Type)) of X object , now i am using wizard,
so when i click on Next Step button, in step 2 I am using Object Y …So i want that in Y object
there is a field  “Data Came from(Text type)” which will automatically shows the value of
 “Data Sorce” field of object X, means i want to populate some custom field values of object X
in some custom fields of Object Y… Also , these fields values will be editable.

Your “Next Step” button needs to run multiple actions.  These actions should start with “Update fields in row” from Object Y. The values passed should be from Object X, which you can send using the following merge syntax:   {{$}}   This merge syntax allows you to get data from any model and pass it into the model that is currently bound to the component. 

Then you can use the action “Navigate to step”  and get to your next place. 

Hopefully this gives you what you need. 

Thanks A lot…Please is there any pdf or study material ,…which includes these kind of things and their usage…Thanks…

The skuid documentation is pretty good. I frequently reference the merge syntax document here:

No PDF’s yet.  Only the Documentation that Matt points to.  

This forum is also a great place for finding answers.  We’ve started categorizing questions (though the backlog is huge).  You can select “categories” at the top and browse questions by topic.  Hopefully its helpful.