autofill fields based on previous selection

I currently have Column in a Field Editor where a user would select one of our warehouses from a picklist, I would like the address field to of that warehouse to auto fill once the warehouse is selected. Is this possible?


Sure. Use Action Framework on the Model to trigger when you update the Warehouse to update the address fields.


You want to update Address fields on current record, based on address fields from Lookup value?

If yes, Probably doable with some javascript, but if like me a JS noob, if  you want you can also do it directly in Salesforce using a Process Builder

When Lookup field is changed, do a field update and reference address fields from lookup (warehouse)

Hope it helps

So i have partly got this working Using Action Framework (Thanks by the way), I can select a warehouse and the address info will auto fill but not until i hit save, is there a way to get it to populate before hitting save?

It should show as is. Can you record a video of what’s happening and how your page is setup?

Hey Pat, can you see my question below. I am attempting the same thing with no luck!

Action (I want it so when someone enters an account the street fills in):

Action to set condition with the entered accounts street:

Upon entering the Account no street appears: