Auto Refresh Skuid Page After Completing a Screen Flow

I am looking to have a Skuid Page Auto Refresh following the completion of a flow.

The user launches the screen flow from a skuid submit button. Following the completion of the flow, the salesforce record changes its status. With that said after manually refreshing the page, the submit button is replaced with an open button. I’m looking to create a better user experience by having the page auto-refresh following the flow completion.

What is the simplest way to achieve this?

If you need to refresh the entire page you could add a “Go To URL” action to your Skuid button after you launch the flow and for the URL to navigate to, put the url of the current page.

I’ll test that out. My only concern is if the refresh occurs before the user successfully completes the screen flow. I’m wondering if the action would pause until the flow is completed.