Auto assigning Skuid Licenses To Customer Portal Users

Hi Guys

I’m having a problem with auto-assigning Skuid Licenses to Customer Portal Users that self register. It works fine in Sandbox (Full) but not in the Production Org.

We also use a 2nd Community that uses Partner Community Licenses, who get created through the standard Contact/Account Layout with the “Enable as Partner User” button. For them it works just fine in both Orgs.

As soon as I manually assign the Licenses to the Customer Portal user he can see everything, so the issue is really just the auto-assignment (set up the same in Prod and Sandbox where it works fine).

Any help is appreciated

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To clarify, is the Skuid license auto-assignment for Customer Portal users working in Sandbox, but not in Production? Also just as a Sanity check, are you sure that you still have available Skuid Licenses in the org?

Partner Portal and Customer Portal are different, as are the Profiles assigned to each Portal license type — are you sure that you have setup an auto-assignment record for all of the appropriate Partner Portal, Customer Portal, and Community profiles? 

Hi Zach

Yes it works fine in Sandbox. We also still have enough Licenses.

We also tried it with profile specific auto-assignments in the PROD which sadly made no difference.

Any other idea?

Do you have per-user licensing for skuid in the Sandbox, or do you have a site license for Skuid in the Sandbox? If you have a site license, then that would explain why it all works in Sandbox but not in Production. 

Hi Zach

I think we have a Site License in Sandbox. It says we have unlimited Licenses. I have granted you access in Sandbox (Gregg is sending you the org id). Is there a solution to this Problem?

Cheers and thanks for the help!

Hmm, here’s another idea — the Permission Set auto-assignment may be failing. If the Permission Set auto-assignment fails, I think that the License auto-assignment fails as well. I seem to remember someone having an issue with the auto-assignment of the Skuid Page Viewer Permission Set to either a portal or community user — I can’t confirm that this is true,but certain features in the out-of-the-box “Skuid Page Viewer” Permission Set may not be available to high-volume community users.

So what you might try is to deactivate Skuid’s auto-assignment of the Page Viewer Permission Set when users are activated — rely on Profile-level security to give your Partner/Customer Community profiles the permissions they need to use Skuid and your other content.

Hi Zach

We just tested that ,sadly does not help. As soon as we assign a skuid license to that user everything works fine, so the problem is definitely that it does not auto-assign a skuid license.

We have addressed this issue in the latest patch of Millau 11.0.6. You should now be able to auto-assign Skuid Licenses and Permission Sets to Community/Portal users who Self-Register.

Production install link for Millau 11.0.6
Sandbox install link for Millau 11.0.6