Attachments table only loading one more record when Load More clicked, but there are more records

We have a page that has a tab for related attachments.  There is an action on the tab to query the attachment model.  The model has a limit of 25 and is sorted by CreatedDate DESC.  We have a record with more than 25 attachments (there are 56), but when we click Load More only one more record loads.  If we up the model limit to 30 the same thing happens (it loads 30 and then after clicking Load More only 1 more loads).

Hi Curtis

Are your attachments loading from a separate model or the same model you are using for other parts of the page that might be tied to a model action? Also what Version are you on?

Chat soon.

They load from a separate model, there is an action on a tab to load the attachments model

Hi CurtisI will attempt to regenerate this problem and come back to you soonest.What version are you on?


Hi Curtis

I am running on 9.3.4 and completed the following test.

I used the case and attachment objects and attached 11 files to a case.

I built a page using detail view to expose the Case.

I added 2 Tabs. 1 for ‘more info’ which loads first and another for the ‘attachments’ which only renders on first view with an action which queries the attachment model.

I set the attachment model to only load 5 records and on page load the ‘more’ prompt appears and when clicked more records are loaded without any strange behaviour.

Update your org to 9.3.4 and cut and past this XML into a new page. You can then add your current models to the page and remove the case details Ui to test.

Good luck.