Attaching files to Records

I tried building a custom pop up where users can attach files to a record while they are editing other attributes of the record but somehow nothing happens when they try to do so. They simply drag the file to the marked area but nothing happens and even the file does not get attached 
Please help
i want to make it visible to them that when they drag the file to the marked place it is getting attached and listed in the table below as attachments


Hi Anubha You need to save the record before adding attachments and not leave it in edit mode. So I would use a ‘Add Attacments’ button which should save the record and open a pop up to add attachments. Happy Skuiding

Hi Gregg,

Thanks for your reply but it dint helped. i dont know why but i made the button to add attachments which run multiple actions- 1. save the changes to model 2. open pop p to add filesbut nothing helped rather got this:

Also not sure what you meant when you said that not leave in edit mode.Please help

Hi Gregg,

Sorted the old way itself, there were some issues in the save button, dint have to change anything but the sequence of Save actions and link it to correct model

Thanks for your help though

Hi Anubha

Only a pleasure.

Glad you are back on track to creating your Bespoke Ux!

Happy Skuiding!