Attaching a Knowledge Article to a Case

I tried this a few years ago in another life, but we ended up being able to skip the issue by using solutions. I can’t avoid it this time, so I’m hoping someone can help me.

I’m trying to give users a button to attach knowledge articles to a case. I’ve been able to return the list of knowledge articles by loading a model for the specific article type (Support Procedure) and setting a condition of PublishStatus = ‘Online’. This allows me to show the Support Procedures in a table without an issue.

However, in order to attach an article I need to be able to create a new record in CaseArticle where the Case ID and the Knowledge Article Version ID are set.

This is where things get dicey. If I look at this guide for knowledge development ( specifically on page 13, I see that it breaks down to basically

Case -> CaseArticle -> Knowledge Article (Support_Procedure_ka) -> Knowledge Article Version (Support Procedure_kav).

If I try to take the simple route and create a new CaseArticle, I can’t see KnowledgeArticle VersionIds, however if I set the KnowledgeArticleVersionId to a template field and put it as this: {{{KnowledgeArticleVersionId}}} it shows up just fine for existing CaseArticles. Here’s an example showing both the Knowledge Article and Knowledge Article Version.

Once I try to create a new one and search for a Knowledge Article (not version, which doesn’t allow me to search) however it returns no results and gives me some fun errors:

So to my question: Does anyone have any experience with Knowledge Articles and attaching them? I feel like I’m either running into a bug at this point, but I’m not sure how to work around it.

Here’s my XML if needed (you would need to change the sobject to your own article type):

Published Date Template Field {{{KnowledgeArticleVersionId}}} Another Template Field {{{KnowledgeArticleId}}}

I was able to get this working without code. I basically just needed to create a new CaseArticle and set the conditions of the model to a Case ID, the Knowledge Article Version Id, and a Knowledge Article Id then save the model.

One thing of note is that I am still not sure why I cannot “Display” the Ids without adding the third {{{curly bracket}}}, but it isn’t needed when creating the new CaseArticle.

Here’s the XML for anyone else who might need to attach knowledge articles to a case:

Published Date Template Field {{{KnowledgeArticleId}}} Template Field {{{KnowledgeArticleVersionId}}} Another Template Field {{{KnowledgeArticleId}}} NewCaseArticle NewCaseArticle Attach a Knowledge Article to a Case