Associating an Image in a folder with an object with a dropdown or popup.

I have a list of images (icons) in a document folder.  (on Salesforce)

I have a custom object that I would like users to be able to select one of the Icons and associate with an entry.

Users can add an icon at creation, and modify on edit.  The basic object create/edit page exists already, I do not know how to populate a list from another table as a dropdown for the user to select from (and save as a string which is the URL of the image)

I can do this in visual force pages and js, but I’m very new to skuid.  What is the best way to do this? any examples/tutorials would be appreciated.

If you know how to to do this in Javascript you should probably be able to do it in Skuid.  You need to drag an arbitrary field into your page and then in the fields renderer properties select “custom renderer”   Select a name there.  Then go to resources tab and create a Javascript resource of type “Inline Snippet”   Here is where you put your javascript to create a fake lookup to the items in your documents folder. 

We would reccomend however that you store these images as attachments and that you use the Skuid File component to look up to attachments.  This would allow you to satisfy your requirements declaratively.