Assigned Users Not Displaying in multiple places

I’m running into an issue where users simply aren’t being displayed in the Assigned To field, specifically for Tasks.

In one instance, the running user can’t even assign a task to themselves.

  • I’ve setup a condition that auto-selects the running user as assigned to user
  • It’s a dropdown multi picklist
  • There are no sharing rules setup for tasks

Look in the “field properties” for the assigned user field.
- Do you have anything in the Filters tab?  
- Is the “Option Source” property  in the Search tab set to automatic? 

Wait. How is it that the “Assigned To” field is multi picklist? Do you have a custom field renderer? Even if it is a custom field renderer, how do you plan to have multiple users assigned to a task? Is this the standard Task object?

We are only assigned a task to one user. 

HI Rob, There are no filters and the option source is set to automatic. 

Would you mind giving us login rights to your org so we can take a look at what is going on?  
Just let us know what the page is where the problem is happening.