Assign/Revoke Skuid License on User Profile Update


We are facing one issue with Skuid License Assignment/Revocation. Below are the use cases:

Profile-A is configured under skuid setting to auto assign/revoke Skuid license & permission sets.
Profile-B is Non Skuid profile.

UseCase 1: User-A is of Profile-B. Now I want to change his profile from profile-B to profile-A. So that he will have skuid access. 
- But on user profile update it is not auto assigning skuid license & permission sets.

UseCase 2: User-B is of Profile-A. Now I want to change his profile from profile-A to profile-B. So that he will not have skuid access anymore. 
- But on user profile update it is not revoking skuid license & permission sets.

How to assign/revoke skuid license & permission sets on User Profile update?



What do you have on your Skuid Settings page?

Does this tutorial help?


Hi Karen,

Under skuid setting we have setup “Profile specific settings”. I have gone through this tutorial and all setup is as per that only. 

When we create new user, activate/deactivate any user, for profile listed in skuid setting, then skuid license assignment/revocation works.

But if we change existing user’s profile from skuid to non-skuid profile or vice-versa then revocation/assignment is not working.

I hope I have answer your question. Let me know if you need more details.



It is the activation/deactivation of an existing user or creation of a new user that triggers the automatic assignment or revocation of licenses and permission sets.

Try this:

  • Deactivate the person whose profile needs to be changed to revoke the license/permission set
  • Then change the profile and re-activate the user
Does that fix your problem?