Arguments for Page Title button - row is undefined

Having a problem with the arguments passed to my snippet from a Page Title component.

var model = arguments[0].model, row = arguments[0].row;

I’m getting model, but row comes back undefined, even though there is a row of data in the model ([0] exists). Any idea why this might be happening?

Is[0] equivalent to a row object? In that case, I could just use

var model = arguments[0].model, row =[0];

Update: using row =[0] works, so this is now less of a problem and more of a matter for curiosity.

I believe that row = arguments[0].row is only available when the snippet has a row in context. ie. a row action, model action “Row in Model updated”, etc

That’s that I would have expected, too, Pat. But I’ve been successfully using arguments[0].row on page title components. Suddenly, when I throw a copy of the pagetitle into a popup, row is undefined (with or without context conditions on the pagetitle component). Seems strange.

Maybe the bug is that it shouldn’t work in general. :wink:

I’m assuming that arguments[0].row is only undefined when the Page Title is in a Popup? Is that true?

That seems to be the case.