Are there CSS structural changes in the offing?

We’ve been customising the CSS of Skuid pretty significantly of late. And with great success - it looks awesome! But I’d love to get a sense of how stable the CSS class structure is at this point, given that Skuid is still fairly young. I accept of course that you may adjust the CSS in a future release and that that may break our customisations, requiring rework at our end. But I have no sense of how likely that is or how comprehensive the changes might be. Are there any insights you can share? Thanks as always.

Hi Glenn, The CSS classes that are currently in Skuid and that you’re currently overriding have been around for a while. They are so old that they have the ‘nx-’ prefix from when we called Skuid “Nexus”. Also, with the many changes we’ve made to Skuid over the last year or so, many of the names don’t make as much sense as they used to. There are also some places in Skuid that use inline css, making it hard for people developing on the platform to override. We’ve talked about doing a major overhaul of these classes to make them more intuitive and use a ‘sk-’ prefix or something like that. So to answer your question, yes, at some point, we’d like to do an overhaul of the css structure and possibly add some formal theming support. However, we need feedback from the community on how we should do this. Also, other features are much higher on our list than this right now, so it might be a while before we get to this. I think that if we did do this overhaul, we’d deprecate the old classes for a while so that they still worked. Maybe after a few release cycles, we’d phase them out.

Thanks Ben, that’s about as I thought. Good to know.