Are there any sample pages for Skuid Mobile in a repository?

I was wondering if anybody has any sample pages in Skuid mobile?  My clients are crazy about Skuid and now want everything mobile. I have built a few mobile apps for client but they where task specific and I would like to see if there is something already done to bring SF1 onto a new level in terms of Ux

That is definitely something on our task list.  We want to extend the Skuid for CRM package that was created for the desktop environment into the mobile space.  So many tasks,  so little time… 

Thanks Rob. 
Even a sample account page would be great or any page in the meantime.  

Maybe some of us Skuiders can list a few mobile pages we would like to donate to this cause.  I have one cool one which I am happy to list and make available.  

The app is called HoUrS and its a simple time tracker I use for recording my worked hours linked to customers and contacts when I’m on the move.

Anybody else have something we can share?

Gentle reminder for example mobile pages.


Please Irvin.  Don’t be adding to our to-do list…  Thanks for the gentle reminder though. 


Hi Gregg - I’d love to check out any mobile pages you are willing to share.  Can you please post the link?

Hi Brandon. There is a new Skuid release coming real soon which I will use to update some mobile apps and then with pleasure. Enjoy!

Hi Gregg - any updates on sharing a few sample mobile pages?

Hi Gregg - any updates on sharing some of those samples mobile pages?

Do we have any sample pages for Mobile?