are mobile and desktop components interchangeable via XML?

Not sure where I read this or where I watched it, but I swear someone said they were.

Is this true, if so, how?

The runtime for mobile and desktop are different. I don’t think components copied from one environment to the other would render.  

They do when you include the javascript for it. FUGLY!

Hey Pat,

What does this mean?

I manually included the js for mobile so the components from mobile would run on a desktop page.

ohhh did you find a way of getting it work the other way around? Convert desktop components to mobile components?

Didn’t try. Shouldn’t need to now that the two builders are merged.

What about for pages already built in desktop? Will those automatically format appropriately on a mobile device in Salesforce1 and on the site itself? Sorry for my ignorance, just dabbling in mobile now.