Are images in the file component stored in public url's?

We’re in the process of adding images to our pages using the file component tutorial outlined here.

The other purpose of having these images is to merge them into a document a little further down the track, using one of the document generation apps.

I’m just wondering whether the images stored on a field in an object (as a lookup to attachment) are stored with a public url? or are their security settings controlled by the object they are attached to?

I’ve pulled up three related fields for an image using file component. I expect we would use the Url field to merge the given image into a document, but I just want to clarify whether this is stored as a public url or not, as I can’t seem to find that setting anywhere on the attachment.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Which app are you using?

Haven’t committed to anything yet, am going to explore Drawloop and Conga but haven’t tested them with these image fields yet.

Greg,  the visibility of the standard attachment object (where the file component stores its stuff) is based on the public access settings you define when you create a public site.   Check out this tutorial:

In addition - I think attachment security is governed by the parent object (since they are master detail relationships).  

Forgot to follow up. I use Conga and the image you have can be accessed via the URL without it being publicly accessible. Conga gets everything it needs through the current user. So long as the current user has access to the image, then the image will merge.

I assume Drawloop works under the same premise.

Thanks for the additional clarification.  That was one idea that was bugging me when I responded. 

Thanks Rob & Pat, much appreciated.